Today’s post is a white wine.


RATE: ★★★★☆

Comment: Chamarre 2003 is by far the best white wine I’ve ever tasted.  The taste is rich and long existing.  You can just drink it without anything assisting.  And your feeling will just get better as you keep sipping.  It could be a little bit sweet for someone else, but I think it’s just fine for me.

The first bottle of mine is purchased in Park N Shop’s high-end supermarket “TASTE” in Hang hau.  From that on I can never find a better one.  I noticed in Hong Kong you can only find one in PnS’s chain store.  And also they only have small/medium bottle of it.  I always wonder whether there is actually a larger size one since the current size is really not enough.



Starting with the one that I like.

CERVECA SOL BEER from Heineken, developed by a German brew-master who is inspired by Mexican sunshine.

Rate: ★★★★☆

Comment: Taste light but not thin, easy start and going, no heavy ending, a very joyful one to experience.

More info could be checked from the product website:

Beers I’ve consumed

From today’s on I will start posting the beers or wines that I’ve ever consumed, with comments and rates, hoping that for some day when I bought one from the liquor store, I won’t need to wait till opening the bottle to find out actually I have tried it before and didn’t like it at all.