Handy Tool For Downloading APK Directly From Google Play

I am recently working on some android device with OEM ROM that has no Google Play.  To test some features I need to use app on the Play and find this handy web tool to download APK directly from Google Play.  No more unknown-mysterious download site!

The web tool’s name is APK Downloader and I believe some of you may already heard it.  In fact it has been covered by Lifehacker earlier this year and could easily Google out.

To use it, simply go to Play and find the app you want to download APK, go to the app page and look for the page URL, copy the part after the ‘id=’ like below.


Then go to APK Downloader site and paste it to the input box, click ‘Generate Download Link’ (not the fake ‘Download’ button!, btw: the site would be much cooler if this Ad is not so cheaty).  A download button shall appear and click it to download the APK to your device.


For more information I recommend go check it out the Lifehakcer’s post.  (Credits to Lifehakcer and the original source  Digital Inspiration)



When I’m writing this post the site has been suspended (see the below picture, it still works yesterday), hope it will resume service soon.



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