About Hosting Blog on Github

Yesterday I blamed about the lack-of-feature in WordPress.com and said about the possibility of hosting my blog elsewhere.  Quite luckily, today when I step upon someone else’s blog for something I notice there’s a 3rd option, which is to host a blog on Github.  This interests me a lot.

After checking the intro on Github Pages, There’s quite some Pros to host a blog on Github:

  • It’s free, even with custom host name.
  • It uses git for version control (this could be huge advantage if one day I find some changes I made on a blog is a mistake).
  • There are many free plugins repoed on Github already, with the edge-bleeding version!.
  • It can be accessed anywhere, especially not blocked by China yet.
  • No Ads!

Learning new tools is never a problem for me, at least mentally.  But to decide whether to migrate my blog form wordpress.com to github still need some further study, especially:

  • How many features does the blog tool for github hosting offers.  So far I notice there’re Octopress and Jekyll.  Need to check further for their limitation.
  • Whether I can monitor the reader stats as easily as I have now in wordpress.com.
  • Whether I can have the same plugins and features I have now in wordpress.com.
  • How many themes and templates available to choose, or to make.
  • How many time and effort do I need for the migration.

So later on when I have some free time, I will try to set up a test blog and will see how it goes.


Some words about table formatting in WordPress.com

My formatting on the previous hotkeys post is terrible.  And yes I admit that I’m being lazy to write html code to beatify it up.  However I think it is more a responsibility on WordPress.com, that is to provide user a better kitchen sink with table controls, which in my opinion a fairly standard request in blogging.  

For WordPress.org user they do not have such problem as they are free to install bunch of table plugins.  I hate to find myself again being a WordPress.com user with so many restriction as compared with the counterparts users.

In one post I found in WordPress.com support forum someone said there’s no whatsoever table plugins in WordPress.com.  (See: Plugin MCE Table Button)

Screen Shot of WordPress.com Forum

But in the Support page of WordPress.com it mentions they have MCE Table Buttons plugin preinstalled for enterprise user.  (See Plugins — Support — WordPress.com).   Screen Shot of WordPress.com Support

So for having table formatting feature (and a lot of other things) for my web note, I either need to pay to become an enterprise user (don’t know what’s the difference from Premium user yet), or I go setup my own WordPress.org blog on a host or self-hosting it.  For the latter option, in fact I’ve been thinking for quite some time (and almost decide to pay and get a host).  However, to make such a move requires quite some preparation time and effort, which is something I don’t want to spend at the moment yet.  So for now, I’ll stay put.  (我忍~)

If anyone has any suggestion, please feel free to leave a comment.

HotKey Roundup for Everything

As I’m now using MAC (use Windows before) for learning the coding and later on development, I find hotkeys for MAC and other new things I’m learning a must-used now.  Just Google some useful hotkey and I will put them here for regular referencing and update.


# basic
HOME:  command-left arrow
END:  command-right arrow

# browser
New_tab:  command-T
Close_tab:  command-W
New_window:  command-N
Close_window:  shift-command-N

# screen capture
capture the entire desktop: command-Shift-3.
copy the entire desktop: command-Control-Shift-3
capture a portion of the desktop: command-Shift-4
capture a specific application window: command-Shift-4, then Spacebar

It’s not finished yet and I’ll keep adding new hotkeys that I should repeatedly using on my code learning way, not necessary only for MAC.