HotKey Roundup for Everything

As I’m now using MAC (use Windows before) for learning the coding and later on development, I find hotkeys for MAC and other new things I’m learning a must-used now.  Just Google some useful hotkey and I will put them here for regular referencing and update.


# basic
HOME:  command-left arrow
END:  command-right arrow

# browser
New_tab:  command-T
Close_tab:  command-W
New_window:  command-N
Close_window:  shift-command-N

# screen capture
capture the entire desktop: command-Shift-3.
copy the entire desktop: command-Control-Shift-3
capture a portion of the desktop: command-Shift-4
capture a specific application window: command-Shift-4, then Spacebar

It’s not finished yet and I’ll keep adding new hotkeys that I should repeatedly using on my code learning way, not necessary only for MAC.


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