It’s been a while….

That I haven’t got up here to update things I’ve learn on the way.  I know it’s not right and not good for the continuity of my coding study (which hasn’t stop btw), so here I am trying to keep the good habit up.

So here’s a quick shot of what I’m doing, I bet many ppl are doing or did it already…



The updates of WWDC 2014 is the best one as I see since 2007.  The new programming language and all new features added to iOS/OSX development are just amazing.  The 2 hours WWDC is so much better than the Godzilla movie I saw last Sat!

BTW, some ppl who’s also learning iOS development as I do might wonder whether they should continue learning Objective-C, given the newer, better and faster Swift is coming in the fall.  If you do have such doubt, I suggest you Google around.  You will notice that you are not alone.  Better yet, check out this blog by JON FRISKICS in Code School, about his (Early) thoughts on Swift, Apple’s new programming language.  JON is the lecturer of iOS in Code School, and I believe you’ll be clear on what you should do now on your journey of iOS/OSX program learning.

Happy Learning and Coding.  Bye now!


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