What’s The Fundamental Quality To Be Succeed In Work, Business and Life

If someone ask this question around, I bet there are answers like “Consistency”, “Knowledge”, “Experience”, “Intuitive”, “Vision”, “Communication”, “Professional”, “Intelligence”, “Creativity”, “Discipline”, “Team Work”, and a lot of other good quality we know of.  But for me, only one single  quality stand out, and that is “Honesty”.

To me, honesty is the testing stone for no matter what work or business you do, big or small, and is the most crucial and fundamental characteristic in getting all that good qualities mentioned on the first paragraph.

People say that a good company should be one that have a good team, a good product and good execution.  It’s very true.  A good team means you have the best person suitable for his roll in the team, a good product means you design it to help solve a big problem or meet the need of a specific crowd, with great attention on the minor details, and offer the best quality of it with the most reasonable price which others need to charge a much higher premium for the same thing.  And good execution means no BS or bureaucratic inside the organization, good ideas are allowed and appreciated, problems can be pointed out and solved, and refactoring on every aspect of the business is on-going.  So you’ll notice, without Honesty to yourself and to your team, to the product and to the execution, you cannot have the good company.

So if you like me, wanted to be succeed in work, business and life, keep asking yourself, may be several times a day, that are you being honesty, to yourself, to the others, and to the work, business and life you are on.  If you are doing a comparison on your product and the competitors’, ask if you are being honesty on the pros and cons you found on all products, are you trying make the others look bad while treating your with bias.  If you are estimating the potential market for your business, ask if you are being honesty on estimating the potential client number and income, could you be too optimistic without data support.  If you are planning to get hold of a new hobby or interests, are you being honesty that you are putting one hour or two each day on learning and working on it.

Be honesty, then you shall succeed.


Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on Windows 8.1 is too easy to be true

Basically you don’t need a tutorial to do it, but if you do need one, here’s a good one to follow:

Install Ubuntu 14.04 alongside Windows 8.1 in 10 easy steps

The above post is from EverydayLinuxUser.  Thanks btw.

I find some difference when I follow the post.  First of all is the dual boot setting.  Since I use an old Dell laptop and it’s running legacy BIOS, so I don’t have the fancy UEFI (if you don’t know what UEFI is, check its WiKi) to play around.  But I find it lucky since you don’t need to worry about anything, and just install the Ubuntu like you don’t know about the UEFI exists.  Once you complete the installation, you’ll notice the Ubuntu dual boot system (GRUB?) is working.

The second difference is about the partition issue.  Before installing Ubuntu I shrink the partition and free up 40G space.  During the installation I choose to install Ubuntu alongside the Windows 8.1, and after it is done everything works fine.  Inside Ubuntu I notice it is already installed on the empty space.  However I could be wrong since after I switch back to Windows 8.1 I notice the empty space is still there.  I don’t have time to check it further.  Maybe someone knows more and could tell me in comment.

Someone may want to know how to install Windows 8.1 on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or other version.  That’s where I begin as well, but after a lengthy search on Google I don’t find much useful information, and notice there will be much trouble even if I did it, I give up by wiping the Ubuntu I have an install the Windows 8.1 first.  It seems to be a missing piece for a good tutorial about it.  If you notice one please let me know.  Thanks~