It’s been a while….

That I haven’t got up here to update things I’ve learn on the way.  I know it’s not right and not good for the continuity of my coding study (which hasn’t stop btw), so here I am trying to keep the good habit up.

So here’s a quick shot of what I’m doing, I bet many ppl are doing or did it already…



The updates of WWDC 2014 is the best one as I see since 2007.  The new programming language and all new features added to iOS/OSX development are just amazing.  The 2 hours WWDC is so much better than the Godzilla movie I saw last Sat!

BTW, some ppl who’s also learning iOS development as I do might wonder whether they should continue learning Objective-C, given the newer, better and faster Swift is coming in the fall.  If you do have such doubt, I suggest you Google around.  You will notice that you are not alone.  Better yet, check out this blog by JON FRISKICS in Code School, about his (Early) thoughts on Swift, Apple’s new programming language.  JON is the lecturer of iOS in Code School, and I believe you’ll be clear on what you should do now on your journey of iOS/OSX program learning.

Happy Learning and Coding.  Bye now!


About Hosting Blog on Github

Yesterday I blamed about the lack-of-feature in and said about the possibility of hosting my blog elsewhere.  Quite luckily, today when I step upon someone else’s blog for something I notice there’s a 3rd option, which is to host a blog on Github.  This interests me a lot.

After checking the intro on Github Pages, There’s quite some Pros to host a blog on Github:

  • It’s free, even with custom host name.
  • It uses git for version control (this could be huge advantage if one day I find some changes I made on a blog is a mistake).
  • There are many free plugins repoed on Github already, with the edge-bleeding version!.
  • It can be accessed anywhere, especially not blocked by China yet.
  • No Ads!

Learning new tools is never a problem for me, at least mentally.  But to decide whether to migrate my blog form to github still need some further study, especially:

  • How many features does the blog tool for github hosting offers.  So far I notice there’re Octopress and Jekyll.  Need to check further for their limitation.
  • Whether I can monitor the reader stats as easily as I have now in
  • Whether I can have the same plugins and features I have now in
  • How many themes and templates available to choose, or to make.
  • How many time and effort do I need for the migration.

So later on when I have some free time, I will try to set up a test blog and will see how it goes.

Some words about table formatting in

My formatting on the previous hotkeys post is terrible.  And yes I admit that I’m being lazy to write html code to beatify it up.  However I think it is more a responsibility on, that is to provide user a better kitchen sink with table controls, which in my opinion a fairly standard request in blogging.  

For user they do not have such problem as they are free to install bunch of table plugins.  I hate to find myself again being a user with so many restriction as compared with the counterparts users.

In one post I found in support forum someone said there’s no whatsoever table plugins in  (See: Plugin MCE Table Button)

Screen Shot of Forum

But in the Support page of it mentions they have MCE Table Buttons plugin preinstalled for enterprise user.  (See Plugins — Support —   Screen Shot of Support

So for having table formatting feature (and a lot of other things) for my web note, I either need to pay to become an enterprise user (don’t know what’s the difference from Premium user yet), or I go setup my own blog on a host or self-hosting it.  For the latter option, in fact I’ve been thinking for quite some time (and almost decide to pay and get a host).  However, to make such a move requires quite some preparation time and effort, which is something I don’t want to spend at the moment yet.  So for now, I’ll stay put.  (我忍~)

If anyone has any suggestion, please feel free to leave a comment.

HotKey Roundup for Everything

As I’m now using MAC (use Windows before) for learning the coding and later on development, I find hotkeys for MAC and other new things I’m learning a must-used now.  Just Google some useful hotkey and I will put them here for regular referencing and update.


# basic
HOME:  command-left arrow
END:  command-right arrow

# browser
New_tab:  command-T
Close_tab:  command-W
New_window:  command-N
Close_window:  shift-command-N

# screen capture
capture the entire desktop: command-Shift-3.
copy the entire desktop: command-Control-Shift-3
capture a portion of the desktop: command-Shift-4
capture a specific application window: command-Shift-4, then Spacebar

It’s not finished yet and I’ll keep adding new hotkeys that I should repeatedly using on my code learning way, not necessary only for MAC.


Handy Tool For Downloading APK Directly From Google Play

I am recently working on some android device with OEM ROM that has no Google Play.  To test some features I need to use app on the Play and find this handy web tool to download APK directly from Google Play.  No more unknown-mysterious download site!

The web tool’s name is APK Downloader and I believe some of you may already heard it.  In fact it has been covered by Lifehacker earlier this year and could easily Google out.

To use it, simply go to Play and find the app you want to download APK, go to the app page and look for the page URL, copy the part after the ‘id=’ like below.


Then go to APK Downloader site and paste it to the input box, click ‘Generate Download Link’ (not the fake ‘Download’ button!, btw: the site would be much cooler if this Ad is not so cheaty).  A download button shall appear and click it to download the APK to your device.


For more information I recommend go check it out the Lifehakcer’s post.  (Credits to Lifehakcer and the original source  Digital Inspiration)



When I’m writing this post the site has been suspended (see the below picture, it still works yesterday), hope it will resume service soon.


The immortality bias: Further reading on the 4 stories we tell ourselves about death

A great post about death. I also recommend watching the open university course from Prof. Shelly Kagan of Yale.

Accepting the fact that I will die someday is hard, but if think further about what is the desire living, which in my case including good health, energy, enthusiasm, memory and most importantly having all the love ones together, then it’s much important to treasure the present than the death in future.

TED Blog

We each live in the shadow of a personal apocalypse: the knowledge that — someday, somehow — we will die. It’s a terrifying thought, and so we look for a way out. In my talk from TEDxBratislava (and in my book Immortality)[ted_talkteaser id=1891], I walk through four stories that people have told throughout cultures and time, as a way to manage this very real fear. Here, some of the myths, books, movies and articles where you can see each of these stories reflected. I’ll end with a fifth story — I call it the “wisdom narrative” — an alternative to these oft-repeated tales.

1. The Elixir story

Almost every known culture has legends of a magic pill or potion that can ward off ageing and disease. Alchemists in both East and West, for example, believed they could brew an elixir of life, while the Spaniard Juan Ponce de León believed…

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