Use Gsyncit to sync Outlook 2010 calendar to Google calendar, then on every mobile devices

Wanted to sync my company calendar on Outlook 2010 to Google calendar for a long time, as if I can do that, then I can centralised all my calendars scattered in my work and home PC, iOS devices and Android devices in one place, and then change and view on all devices.

Previously I cannot do that since the outlook calendar is stored on my work PC which is local so cannot be accessed via Exchange in Google.

Gsyncit is a paid app but allow user to use its unpaid version to sync one outlook calendar to one Google calendar in two ways, which is quite enough for me.

Now I get what I want, feels good~


Enable multiple google calendar’s on iPhone5

Using Safari on iPhone and go to: , sign in your google account.
“Manage devices” page will show and devices you’ve synched with google are listed.  
Select iPhone in my case, check the calendars to be synced in the following page.  Save to confirm changes.
Wait for several minutes for it to sync.  
Go back to iOS calendar, click on “Calendars” at the top left, the checked google calendars should show, otherwise, click the “update” button at the bottom left and try later.  They will be there.